I have seen good people in many walks of life struggling on their own, as they focus on their job at hand, with no one in their corner helping them to care for themselves.

Relationship is at the core of good supervision.


Embark has several counselling options to help you on your journey. Do you have a tight business schedule? We can arrange Face time or Skype consultations in the privacy of your own office.

Susan Bennett has been counselling clients for over 17 years, with a Masters in Couple and Family Therapy (UNSW), a Graduate Diploma in Couple and Family Therapy (AIRS) and an Advanced Diploma in Community Services Work.

It is an absolute joy working with Susan for my clinical supervision as a counsellor.

It is rare to find a counsellor as insightful and wise as Susie.

Forever grateful for her warmth, wisdom and for providing a safe and professional space for me to find refuge.

Using a counsellor is one of the best things you can do – don’t try and solve life on your own.  We are forever grateful.

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